Organisational Structure to support even the most complex businesses

Job Roles and Learning Groups:

Automatically assign courses to users based on their specific job roles, or create shared learning experiences by forming groups of learners for synergised and immersive learning experiences. This feature helps streamline the course assignment process and ensures that users receive the training they need to perform their job functions.

Reporting and Analysis:

Interactive dashboards present real-time data for reporting and analysis. This feature enables you to monitor the progress of your learners and identify areas for improvement.

Role-Based Permission Schemes:

Control who has access to KnowHow’s various functional areas by using role-based permission schemes. This feature helps ensure that users only have access to the features they need, and that sensitive data is protected.


Support for organisational structure and managerial hierarchy. This feature enables you to organise your learners and courses according to your organisational structure.

Organisation Groups:

Create custom groups in KnowHow based on your organisation’s structure, such as branches, divisions, business units, or countries. This feature allows you to centralise the management of your learners and courses more efficiently.

Custom Fields:

Add custom fields to users or courses to help refine searches, allowing for advanced filtering and reporting. This feature helps you customise your course and user data to fit your specific needs.


Archive users or courses and never lose your data again. This feature ensures that your data is safe and easily accessible if you need it in the future.


Detailed audit logs are available for administration functions. This feature provides transparency and accountability for your course management activities. Overall, KnowHow’s organisation management tools provide a comprehensive solution for managing your learners, courses, and organisational structure.

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