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The Features and Functions of KnowHow

Learning Delivery

Event Management

Performance Reviews


Topline Knowledge Acquisition for Bottom Line Results

Learning drives the acquisition and sharing of mission-critical knowledge in your organisation. This directly supports the efficient achievement of your business objectives, and ultimately drives bottom-line results regardless of the size or sector of your business.

A Comprehensive People-Development Platform for Your Business

KnowHow is all about comprehensive people development.

We believe that businesses grow and develop when their people grow and develop.

The KnowHow platform provides your people with customised end-to-end learning and monitoring solutions that support their individual learning styles and drive measurable improvement in their performance.

User-friendly learning delivery

Our user-friendly learning delivery and career development solutions lead your people through a learning experience that encourages and inspires engagement in learning outcomes and drives commitment to the achievement of performance improvement goals.

We provide integrated people improvement solutions that allow for organised, accurate, and progressive human capital development.

Trusted by Global Brands and
Thousands of Users for Over 20 Years

Learning drives the acquisition and sharing of mission-critical knowledge in your organisation. This directly supports the efficient achievement of your business objectives, and ultimately drives bottom-line results regardless of the size or sector of your business.

Why KnowHow?

Six Good Reasons to Trust KnowHow

Established IT professionals

KnowHow is operated by a team of established IT professionals who ensure that the platform is custom-configured for your unique environment (including white labelling as an option), implemented in your organisation under expert guidance at no additional cost to you, and that you receive the attention and intervention of a dedicated account manager to ensure that the functionality of the platform is adopted and optimised within your operation.

Affordable and efficient

The Platform is affordable, resource efficient, and offers unlimited storage and usage. The Platform is fully managed and comes with one fixed monthly fee that covers licensing, hosting, maintenance, upgrades and unlimited storage and usage - enabling you to invest time and energy into your employee growth while we take care of the technical service experience.

Fully tested and secure

KnowHow is fully tested, operationally stable, structurally robust, data secure, and 100% compliant with the most stringent global data protection standards (General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union and the Protection of Personal Information Act in South Africa).

Blended and integrated learning

As a benchmark in learning management and performance solutions, KnowHow provides blended learning and truly integrated learning and development management through its event scheduler, integrated Performance and Development Reviews (PDR), and effective integration with your existing human capital management systems.

More than just an LMS

KnowHow is more than just a learning management system, and brings with it the built-in functionality that enables it to produce instant, detailed learning and performance data analysis and reporting to ensure that it fulfils its role as a business performance-enhancing asset.


KnowHow is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancement, continually embracing the latest tools and innovations to enhance the platform. With a strong emphasis on integrating Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technologies, KnowHow is committed to advancing the development and personal learning journey of its users. By proactively adapting to emerging trends, KnowHow ensures that its clients, their users, and learners are equipped with a future-proof learning management system that evolves with their needs.

Get the Best Results in eLearning!

Ancillary Services

KnowHow eLearning and Career Development

KnowHow offers a range of additional services to support your organisation's e-learning needs. We provide additional support services to ensure that your e-learning program runs smoothly and effectively.

Custom Software Development

Our team of experts can design, create, deploy, and maintain custom software that meets your specific business objectives. Using agile methodology, we ensure that our solutions evolve with your needs over time.

eLearning Content Development

We specialise in creating custom-designed e-learning content that incorporates sensory stimulation through voice-overs, animations, imagery, video, interactive elements, and gamification. This approach helps to increase engagement and retention among learners.

eLearning Consultancy

Our team is passionate about technology and adult learning, and we offer consultancy services to design, manage, and implement e-learning programs that meet the digital learning requirements of organisations of all sizes.

The KnowHow Team: By People for People

Accessible and Personalised

At KnowHow eLearning and Career Development, we're all about making learning accessible and personalised. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to continuously learn and develop in their professional fields. That's why we're dedicated to providing personalised solutions that drive satisfaction and results.

Relationships are Key

We know that the key to success is building strong relationships. That's why we invest in the future by fostering safe and trusted connections with our clients. We value your feedback and work collaboratively to find the best solutions to meet your unique needs.

Agile to the Core

Agility is in our DNA. We understand that the world is constantly evolving, and we're committed to adapting to serve our clients' needs. We work tirelessly to complete projects in a resource-efficient and profitable way, without sacrificing quality.

Dedicated Support

Our team is made up of dedicated Client Engagement Specialists and a friendly Support Team who are here to assist you every step of the way. We're always available to provide ongoing technical support and continuous iterative improvement. We're attentive to your needs and requests and work tirelessly to ensure that we meet the highest mutually beneficial standards.

The Difference

At KnowHow, we’re passionate about what we do, and we’re committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients. We involve you in our product development roadmaps to ensure that our learning development system continues to meet and exceed your expectations. With KnowHow, you’re not just a client, you’re a valued partner.

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