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The KnowHow LMS is a dynamic, affordable and easy-to-master corporate training and e-learning solution engineered to engage and deliver results!

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The web has not only revolutionised how we work, live and learn, it has redefined how we relate to one another. Never before in history has so much knowledge been so widely accessible, yet most employers are unaware of the benefits of integrating online and mobile technology into compelling e-learning programmes.

Imagine the ease, and dare we say, sheer joy of not having to rely on outside suppliers to train and develop the potential of the employees in your care. Forget booking classrooms, hiring teachers and spending a fortune on travel expenses and think highly interactive and focused lessons accessible to anyone from anywhere.

The KnowHow product suite gives company owners and HR professionals the tools they need to deliver fully personalised training online. If you are ready to streamline your corporate training experience and reach your audience in creative new ways contact us for more today.

“The KnowHow Hub was absolutely fantastic in the implementation and support of e-learning at SBV. They have continued to play an integral role in our initiative.” – Fatima Fakier, Training Manager, SBV

  • Schedule lessons and create events
  • Manage Personal Development
  • Create compelling media-rich content
  • Boost engagement and Interaction
  • Create Events and Goals
  • Track and Asses Progress
  • Compile Comprehensive Reports
  • Grow a social learning community!
  • Craft bespoke courses in MS word
  • Convert to eLearning material with a click
  • Easily import training content
  • Effortlessly distribute courses to learners
  • Set goals and track progress graphically
  • Convert processes into diverse documents
  • Manage content and map out work flows
  • Incorporate video and social media
  • Build interactive transaction simulations
  • Capture transactions automatically
  • Distribute to learners with ease
  • Guide learners with interactive prompts
  • Create interactive lessons and evaluations
  • Direct actions via video courses
  • Compile and export elearning courses
  • Capture processes and instructions

What our clients say

We work with some of the most prosperous and influential companies in South Africa and believe collaboration is the key to exceptional service.

Justin led his team within a very short time period and against a lot of odds to deliver a large-scale SAP training programme on time, on budget, and most of all with creativity and great feedback from participants.

Markus Voelker

Learning & Training Specialist, GPHR

Australand and The KnowHow Hub have developed a harmonious and efficient working relationship to ensure that we have a system to deliver a cost effective ‘self-help’ learning system for our business.

Karen Marsden

Business Readiness Manager, Australand Holdings

Due to the success of the rollout and the capabilities of the system KnowHow has now been implemented as our standard LMS system across all 5 global divisions.

Natasha Blackwell

Business Analyst, Ricardo PLC, Brighton

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