Screen Recording and Facial Recognition

Enhance assessment integrity and accuracy with AI-Powered analysis and facial recognition

Screen Recorder:

With our built-in screen recorder, you can easily capture your learners’ desktop and webcam activity while they complete an evaluation, providing a comprehensive view of their performance.

Automated Cheat Analysis:

Our platform also includes automated cheat analysis, powered by AI technology. This feature analyzes the evaluation session to identify any instances of cheating or unauthorized help, ensuring the integrity of your assessments and results.

Evaluation Administration:

For added flexibility, our evaluation administrators can preview recorded sessions and make a judgement to score or discard results based on an automated assessment of cheating probability. This streamlined process saves valuable time and effort while ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Facial Recognition:

At KnowHow, we understand the importance of accurate and trustworthy evaluations. Our Screen Recording and Facial Recognition feature provides you with the tools you need to assess your learners’ performance with confidence.

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