OneClickBuild Solution

Create Media-Rich Training Content with One-Click


OneClickBuild offers high quality e-learning materials without having to hire professional course-development staff. Courses created in MSWord are easily imported and updated in OneClickBuild. Once launched the course becomes a SCORM-compliant e-learning course, which can be, as always, tracked and measured.

OneClickBuild is designed to flow effortlessly with KnowHow's LMS and MS Word, which makes creating dynamic training plans, a breeze. Managers can publish e-learning materials, embed videos, audio and generate clear flowcharts.

Personal Development Planning

KnowHow’s Personal Development Planning & Review capability provides a robust and effective way in which performance reviews and associated developmental planning can be completed and saved electronically. Individuals are able to capture objectives and future goals, growth, standards of behaviour, performance, job role knowledge, skills, capabilities as well as training requirements set out by their managers.

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