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As a leading provider of bespoke corporate training, social learning and staff development products, we strive to make organisational learning easy, cost-effective and rewarding for both employers and employees. We have developed our own robust and intuitive LMS engineered to boost engagement, enhance analytics and naturally, speed up every step of the learning cycle.

The KnowHow architecture simplifies employee development and frees HR managers to focus on creating media-rich content from one dynamic online platform.

Our mobile-ready training solutions are not jolly excuses to get out of the office or a complicated series of mind-boggling lectures. It is a dynamic blend of creative and interactive activities with some good old-fashioned leadership development thrown into the mix. And that’s saying nothing about the robust and reliable software we developed to make it all work together seamlessly!

Create Media-rich Curricula!

  • Schedule lessons and create events
  • Create compelling content and increase engagement
  • Manage Personal Development
  • Track Progress and Asses Skills
  • Compile Comprehensive Reports
  • Calling all downs to dayne. Array
  • Launch your own social learning community!



KnowHow-logoPresenting our own powerful and intuitive in-house Learning Management System.

  • Set training goals, track progress and compile reports
  • Manage all aspects from one intuitive dashboard
  • Schedule interactive assessments, exams, and events
  • ‘Edutain’ and engage learners via advanced gamification
  • Gain essential personal and career development insights
  • Build a thriving global social learning community
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showhow-logoShowHow transforms the learning experience and brings fun back into the equation.

  • Guide learners with screen grabs and interactive prompts
  • Create interactive lessons, evaluations, and contextual scenarios
  • Direct actions via video courses and simulation screens
  • Compile elearning and offline courses and export in multiple formats
  • Capture system processes and instructions with easy !
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OneClickBuild is engineered to flow effortlessly with the KnowHow LMS and MS Word and makes creating dynamic lesson plans a breeze.

  • Create, upload, edit and publish role-based training content
  • Converting business processes into a variety of document types
  • Manage content and easily map out work flows
  • Incorporate audio, video, images, and social media.

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Custom Development

ShowHow transforms the learning experience and brings fun back into the equation. Around here, truly inspired service excellence is not an added extra. From assistance with compilingengaging and interactive content and bespoke software development by our in-house team, to comprehensive analytics and progress tracking, we are here to help.

If you are ready to streamline your corporate education and training initiatives, we are standing by with the tools, tips, and techniques to help your team achieve long-term success. Make Technology-enhanced learning work for you and contact us for a personal demonstration of the possibilities.

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