Loaded with the tools and technology to make training more interactive, compelling and cost-effective.

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  • Schedule lessons and create events
  • Manage Personal Development
  • Create compelling media-rich content
  • Boost engagement and Interaction
  • Create Events and Goals
  • Track and Asses Progress
  • Compile Comprehensive Reports
  • Grow a social learning community!

KnowHow is a dynamic solution to control organisational training and development. All from one fully interactive and intuitive interface. The system enables managers to easily create and deploy engaging media-rich training content and empowers learners to achieve goals quicker.

Once personalized, the system becomes a dynamic and innovative learning platform accessible from any device connected to the web.


Organise your learners into learning groups and job roles to optimise collaboration and sharing

Track & Report

Report and track your learner’s progress real time. Multiple report formats and dashboard graphics


Create content, upload and assign your owner 3rd party content Learners access content from PC’s, mobile devices and offline.


Build comprehensive custom evaluations, from simple MCQ’s to complete 360 reviews and opinion surveys.


Plan learning events, schedule lesson plans, incorporate social media and invite learners while tracking attendance.

Personal Development

Managers and Learners collaborate using the PDP module develop skills, and set training and development goals.

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